Curling, chess on ice

Date 22-Jan-2016
PyeongChang WINNERS - Curling, Chess on ice

Curling, a seemingly far away sport to most Koreans actually is an entertainment that is easilyenjoyed by citizens in Canada. Canada, known to be home to various sports game venues and where peopleenjoy ice hockey more than soccer, people learn to ski and skate at a very young age. Quebec, one of the coldestprovince in Canada, people ski their way in to their workplace. As winter sports have taken place firmly in theirdaily lives, understanding such an unfamiliar sport Curling being regarded as a daily entertainment is not so difficult.

Curling is a winter game that requires so much calculations and wisdom to win. Using 8 polished granite stones and
curling broom, the players swish their ways down into an ice sheet. It requires great deal of strategies and team works.
The granite stones, often too heavy to carry, alter their directions by the most subtle movement of the broom. The players' brooms therefore swish not randomly but out of calculations to guide the stones to exact places. It was originally inventedin Scotland, and often played on the frozen river. Unlike today, at then, the victory relied more on luck than on skills.Having been taken to Canada by Scottish immigrants, curling became much more popular in Canada than in any othercountries in the world. It has been firmly settled as a game in Winter Olympics since 1998 and since then, Canada has been a dominant winner of this field.

In the upcoming the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games , mixed doubles curling is a newly introduced game. In mixed doubles curling, two players, one woman and one man, compose each team. The idea is fairly new and many attempts were made to include this game event in to an official Olympics games however the IOC did not approve the events for inclusion into the previous winter Olympic games but an attempt to include the mixed doubles in the 2018 Winter Olympics succeeded and all curling lovers would be able to enjoy this new type of games in PyeongChang.

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