The Purpose of Honorary Ambassadors

Date 23-Feb-2016
Pyeongchang WINNERS The Purpose of Honorary Ambassadors

Ever since South Korea won the bid for hostingthe PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games, the government has been appointing highly influential individuals to act as honorary ambassadors for this upcoming Olympic Games. The list includes famous names like renowned figure skater Yuna Kim, professional baseball players Hyun-jin Ryu and Shin-soo Choo, and many famous athletes like Tae-bum Mo. Furthermore, the latest addition to the list was Hallyu star Minho Lee.

Honorary Ambassador Ryu Hyun-jin

Honorary ambassadors, also known as goodwill ambassadors, are people who are appointed by an organization to help promote said cause of that organization. The United Nations and UNICEF are also well-known for their efforts in gathering bright world figures to help spread their word. But, why has the South Korean government put so much effort towards appointing all these amazing people for one event? There are questions floating around as to what exactly these so called ambassadors are supposed to do and for what purpose.


Promotion and spreading the word is absolutely essential for any event large or small to be somewhat successful. Even monumental events like the Olympic Games need continuous promotions to garner attention despite it being practical known to almost everyone around the globe. One particular reason being is the time gap between each event.

Four years between each Olympic Games may seem short for the actual athletes who plan on participating, but for the average viewer one can get lost in that four years and be completely unaware to the event itself. That is the reason why such promotional activities are crucial in helping the event unfold successfully and serve its purpose to show the world a global mixture of cultures and friendly relations. Having the status of a public figure grants many benefits for self-gain like monetary supplements and popularity, but the role of goodwill ambassadors gives that same person the opportunity to temporarily pause one’s pursuit for self-gain and instead use such influence for a greater cause.

DAY BREAK - KIM YU-NA NAMED HONORARY AMBASSADOR Becomes 6th goodwill ambassador of Pyeongchang Games

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Like mentioned earlier, there are a wide variety of goodwill ambassadors who are helping different organizations around the world. So, what might make this particular group of individuals different or unique? Although Korea is the only country with citizens having strong patriotic feelings, many of these figures have provided some sort of service and joy to their country throughout their respective careers. Yuna Kim paved the way for future generations of figure skaters, but more importantly reintroduced both South Korea and the world to how beautiful figure skating can be. Shin-soo Choo and Hyun-jin Ryu also inspired countless people through their sheer effort in entering a professional baseball league, the world’s greatest front for baseball. Although, being on the national team for your own country in and of itself is an enormous honor, getting the opportunity to give back to the community that supported you would be even more satisfying. Despite the wide variety of different careers and backgrounds, all these bright individuals have one common goal which is to once again inspire people around the world and help people see the true beauty of their homeland.

Even Hallyu star Minho Lee performed various promotions related to the Winter Olympic Games. Due to his publicity and also busy schedule not just in Korea, but also overseas, he is able reach a wider audience. Actually, almost all of the honorary ambassadors have one thing in common which is their ability and status in being able to go overseas and communicate with various cultures. They promote goodwill and sincerity so that the success rate ofthe PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games will rise exponentially.

Although many of these figures are usually working overseas, they all have the yearning to give back to the community that they were raised in and help build the monumental stage the Olympic Games was designed to be. A grand stage where people come and witness the aesthetics of sports and be blown away by the athletes’ fierce competitive spirits. Therefore, for the next few years these ambassadors will do their best in trying to promote every detail they can share about the Olympic Games and it will be the job of South Korea to fulfill the task of running a successful Olympic Games, not in a monetary aspect but in a cultural one.

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