Copyright Protection Policy

All contents (including but not limited to web document, attachment, DB data, image file, video etc.; the ‘contents’) provided by the Organising Committee for PyeongChang 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (the ‘POCOG’) through the website are works protected by the Copyright Act, and by principle, the POCOG forbids others to illegally use the contents through methods such as reproduction, performance, public transmission, exhibition, distribution, rental, production of derivative works (‘reproduction, distribution, and transmission etc.’) and such. In case content is illegally used through methods such as reproduction, distribution, and transmission etc., such actions may be considered as violating copyright, criminal act such as illegal publication, violating the Indication of Sources or others under the Articles 136, 137 and 138 of the Copyright Act and the violator can receive criminal punishment accordingly.

In case of trying to use the POCOG website contents in ways such as reproduction, distribution, and transmission etc., one must consult with the POCOG separately or receive consent from the POCOG, in advance to the event; even when using content after a consultation or a consent, it must be clearly stated that the source is from the POCOG website.

It is allowed to link the main page of the POCOG website on the screen of another website but it is forbidden to link a specific screen (sub-domain) of the POCOG website. Furthermore, prior notice must be given to the website administrator when linking the main page through below procedures and the following notes must be complied with:

Linking Notes

Information on the website – E-Mail address of the administrator, telephone number, name, linking period, method, usage etc. – must be given to the administrator of the POCOG website before linking.

Indicate that the link is connected to main page of the POCOG website.

POCOG website cannot be framed or mirrored.

POCOG website cannot be used for advertisement or for profit making.

Linking the POCOG website does not mean becoming a suggested site or partner site and it must not be used for such purpose or make it look like a website related to the Olympic Games.

Unless it is a pre-authorised organisation related to the Olympic Games, it is only allowed to link the POCOG website in plain text ( and is forbidden to use logos or banners or other similar marks related to the Winter Games.

Illegal alteration of the content other than correcting a simple error is forbidden even if posting a POCOG website content on another website through due process of law; criminal punishment may be applied when it is violated.

Please contact the POCOG website administrator in case you need prior consultation, approval, or inquiry regarding the above statements.

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