Athlete Profile - Joti POLIZOAKIS

Birth Date:  09 Jun 1995
Age:  22
Gender:   Men

Joti POLIZOAKIS - Schedule

Start Time Event Status
Fri, 9 Feb 10:00
Team Event Men Single Skating Short Program
Fri, 9 Feb 11:45
Team Event Pair Skating Short Program
Sun, 11 Feb 10:00
Team Event Ice Dance Short Dance
Sun, 11 Feb 11:45
Team Event Ladies Single Skating Short Program
Mon, 19 Feb 10:00
Ice Dance Short Dance
Tue, 20 Feb 10:00
Ice Dance Free Dance

Biographical Information

Highlights World Championships
17Ice Dance2016Boston, MA, USA
19Ice Dance2017Helsinki, FIN

European Championships
14Ice Dance2017Ostrava, CZE
14Ice Dance2016Bratislava, SVK
WDIce Dance2018Moscow, RUS

Grand Prix overview - Best rank per season and event since 2014/2015
YearIce Dance
2017/20181 x 8th

Grand Prix - Ten best performances since 2014/2015
82017/2018Ice DanceSkate CanadaRegina, SK, CAN
Nickname Joti (Facebook profile, 15 Oct 2017)
Hobbies Music, acting, fashion, travelling. (, 29 Oct 2017)
Occupation Athlete
Languages spoken Czech, English, German
Club name EC Oberstdorf [Germany]
Coach Marina Zueva, RUS; Oleg Epstein, RUS; Massimo Scali, ITA; Martin Skotnicky (, 27 Nov 2017)
Injuries He was forced to withdraw before the short dance from the 2018 European Championships in Moscow, Russian Federation with influenza. (, 19 Jan 2018)
Choreographer Marina Zueva, RUS; Massimo Scali, ITA (, 29 Oct 2017)
Start He took up skating at age five. (, 05 Feb 2017)
Reason "I have a young aunt, my mother's sister. She is just nine years older than I am and she has always been my favourite aunt. But she was almost never there, because she was always practising on ice. So once I went with her and immediately decided that I wanted to step onto the ice. So this is how I started figure skating." (, 01 Jul 2012)
Ambition To win an Olympic medal. (, 05 Feb 2017)
Training He trains 25 hours a week in both the high and low seasons in Canton, MI, United States of America. (, 27 Nov 2017)
Hero French figure skater Guillaume Cizeron. (, 05 Feb 2017)
Influence His family. (, 05 Feb 2017)
Additional information Music
Short dance as of 2017/18 season
Salsa: Aguanile by Willie Colon, Hector Lavoe performed by Marc Anthony
Rhumba: Mil Pasos [Kizomba Remix] by Soha
Samba: Magalenha by Antonio Carlos performed by Sergio Mendes

Free dance as of 2017/18 season
Pride and Prejudice [soundtrack] by Dario Marianelli, Jean-Yves Thibaudet (, 27 Nov 2017)

He teamed up with Kavita Lorenz in 2015, the pair having known each other from the beginning of their skating careers. "The last senior season I did in singles I was injured a lot and I wasn't happy any more. And I decided after the season that if I want to do ice dance, then it was now or never. That's how I reached out to Kavita, because I've always said if I did ice dance, it would be only with Kavita." In April 2016 they announced that they were splitting up, but decided to continue competing together two months later. (, 11 Jan 2017)

His mother is from the Czech Republic and his father is Greek, however he was born and raised in Germany. "I have been living here all the time, though I've often attended kindergarten in the Czech Republic. Even for a longer time sometimes and so I grew up there, too, a little." (, 01 Jul 2012)

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