Athlete Profile - CHOI Minjeong

CHOI Minjeong
Birth Date:  09 Sep 1998
Age:  19
Gender:   Female
Height (cm):  164
Weight (Kg):  54


CHOI Minjeong - Records
WR   Ladies' 1,500m
12 November, 2016   Short Track Speed Skating
Salt Lake City, UT (USA)   Mark: 2:14.354
OR   Ladies' 500m
13 February, 2018   Ladies' 500m Semifinal 1
PyeongChang (KOR)   Mark: 42.422

CHOI Minjeong - Schedule

Start Time Event Status
Sat, 10 Feb 19:58EST
Ladies' 500m Heat 8
Sat, 10 Feb 20:52
Ladies' 3,000m Relay Heat 1
Tue, 13 Feb 19:06EST
Ladies' 500m Quarterfinal 4
Tue, 13 Feb 20:11
Ladies' 500m Semifinal 1
Tue, 13 Feb 21:09EST
Ladies' 500m Final A
Sat, 17 Feb 19:20EST
Ladies' 1,500m Heat 6
Sat, 17 Feb 20:21EST
Ladies' 1,500m Semifinal 3
Sat, 17 Feb 21:09EST
Ladies' 1,500m Final A
Tue, 20 Feb 19:03EST
Ladies' 1,000m Heat 2
Tue, 20 Feb 20:29EST
Ladies' 3,000m Relay Final A
Thu, 22 Feb 19:20EST
Ladies' 1,000m Quarterfinal 3
Thu, 22 Feb 19:54EST
Ladies' 1,000m Semifinal 2
Thu, 22 Feb 20:29EST
Ladies' 1,000m Final A


EST: Estimated Start Time
OR: Olympic Record
WR: World Record

Biographical Information

Highlights World Championships
2017Rotterdam, NED755PEN6
2016Seoul, KOR41211
2015Moscow, RUS41311

World Cup Rankings overview - All rankings from 2014/2015, top three for earlier seasons

World Cup overview - Best rank per season and event since 2014/2015
2017/20181 x 1st2 x 1st3 x 1st-2 x 1st
2016/20171 x 1st2 x 1st1 x 1st-4 x 1st
2015/20161 x 1st2 x 1st4 x 1st-4 x 1st
2014/20151 x 6th1 x 1st3 x 1st1 x 1st3 x 1st

World Cup - Ten best performances in current season
12017/2018500mBudapest, HUN
12017/20181,000mSeoul, KOR
12017/20181,000mBudapest, HUN
12017/20181,500mSeoul, KOR
12017/20181,500mDordrecht, NED
12017/20181,500mBudapest, HUN
12017/20183,000m RelayShanghai, CHN
12017/20183,000m RelayBudapest, HUN
22017/2018500mSeoul, KOR
22017/20181,500mShanghai, CHN
22017/20183,000m RelayDordrecht, NED

Asian Winter Games
2017Sapporo, JPN3211

World Junior Championships
2014Erzurum, TUR13

DNF - Did Not Finish, DNS - Did Not Start, PEN - Penalty
Occupation Athlete, Student
Education Yonsei University , Seoul, KOR
Languages spoken Korean
Coach Son Sae-Won [club], KOR; Kim Sun-Tae [national], KOR; Park Se-Woo [national], KOR (, 09 Sep 2017;, 26 Jul 2017;, 25 Jul 2017; Park Se-Woo [national], KOR)
Injuries She was bothered by an ankle injury after falling at the 2014 World Junior Championships in Erzurum, Turkey. (, 09 Sep 2014)
National team 2014 (, 09 Sep 2014)
Start She began skating in 2004 in Seoul, Republic of Korea. (Athlete, 09 Dec 2015)
Reason Her father encouraged her to go to a skating class during the winter holidays. (Athlete, 09 Dec 2015;, 09 Sep 2014)
Ambition To win multiple gold medals at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang. (, 26 Jul 2017;, 17 Mar 2015)
Training She trains for 10 hours a day during the season. (, 24 Apr 2017)
Memorable Achievement Winning three gold medals at the 2015 World Championships in Moscow, Russian Federation. (Athlete, 11 Feb 2016)
Hero Korean short track skater Jin Sun-Yu. (, 09 Sep 2014)
Influence Her parents, and coach Cho Jae-Bum. (Athlete, 11 Feb 2016)
Philosophy "No pain, no gain." (, 09 Sep 2014)
Awards She received the Top Player Award at the 2016 Korean Women's Sports Grand Awards. (, 19 Dec 2016)

She was given the Best Athletics Award at the 62nd Korean Athletics Awards Ceremony by the Korean Olympic Committee. (, 23 Feb 2016)

She received the Rookie of the Year Award at the 2015 Korean Women's Sports Grand Awards. (, 18 Nov 2015)

She was named the 2014 Rookie of the Year at the Korean Sports Awards. She shared the award with shooter Kim Cheong-Yong. (, 24 Feb 2015)
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