Athlete Profile - Mark MCMORRIS

Birth Date:  09 Dec 1993
Age:  24
Gender:   Men
Height (cm):  180

Events and Medals

Event Rank
Men's Slopestyle 3 Bronze
Men's Big Air 10

Mark MCMORRIS - Schedule

Start Time Event Status
Sat, 10 Feb 13:30
Men's Slopestyle Qualif. Heat 2 Run 1
Sat, 10 Feb 14:17
Men's Slopestyle Qualif. Heat 2 Run 2
Sun, 11 Feb 10:00
Men's Slopestyle Final Run 1
Sun, 11 Feb 10:32
Men's Slopestyle Final Run 2
Sun, 11 Feb 11:04
Men's Slopestyle Final Run 3
Wed, 21 Feb 11:45
Men's Big Air Qualif. Heat 2 Run 1
Wed, 21 Feb 12:18
Men's Big Air Qualif. Heat 2 Run 2
Sat, 24 Feb 10:00
Men's Big Air Final Run 1
Sat, 24 Feb 10:30
Men's Big Air Final Run 2
Sat, 24 Feb 11:00
Men's Big Air Final Run 3

Biographical Information

Highlights Olympic Winter Games
2014Sochi, RUS3

World Championships
2013Stoneham, QC, CAN62

FIS World Cup Rankings overview - All rankings from 2014/2015, top three for earlier seasons

FIS World Cup overview - Best rank per season and event since 2014/2015
2017/20181 x 1st-
2016/20172 x 1st2 x 2nd

FIS World Cup - Ten best performances in current season
12017/2018Big AirBeijing, CHN

X Games
2018Aspen, CO, USA43
2017Aspen, CO, USA33
2016Aspen, CO, USA21
2015Aspen, CO, USA11

X Games Europe
2017Oslo, NOR16

World Snowboard Tour overview - Best rank per season and event since 2014/2015
2017/20181 x 1st-
2016/20171 x 1st1 x 1st
2015/20161 x 2nd2 x 1st
2014/20151 x 4th1 x 1st

World Snowboard Tour - Ten best performances in current season
12017/2018Big AirBeijing, CHN

ALL - Overall, BA - Big Air, HP - Halfpipe, PGS - Parallel Giant Slalom, PS - Parallel Slalom, PST - Parallel Slalom Team, SBS - Slopestyle, SBX - Snowboard Cross, SBXT - SBX - Snowboard Cross Team, PAR - Parallel Overall, AFU - Freestyle Overall, DNF - Did Not Finish, DNS - Did Not Start, DSQ - Disqualified
Nickname McLovin, Sparky, McRib [after breaking his rib in the lead-up to the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi]. (, 04 Feb 2014;, 15 Sep 2013;, 23 Jan 2013)
Hobbies Skateboarding. (, 04 Mar 2017)
Occupation Athlete
Family Partner Coco Ho
Languages spoken English
Coach Elliot Catton [national]; Chris Witwicki [national] (, 06 Jun 2017)
Sporting/Famous relatives His father Don has served as the minister of transportation and infrastructure for Saskatchewan, Canada. His older brother Craig has competed in snowboarding at international level. His partner Coco Ho is a US professional surfer. (, 15 Sep 2013;, 26 Mar 2013)
Debut World Cup Debut - 2010 in Quebec, Canada
Injuries In March 2017 he suffered a fractured jaw, fractured left arm, ruptured spleen, pelvic fracture, rib fractures and a collapsed left lung after a backcountry snowboarding accident in Whistler, BC, Canada. (, 27 Mar 2017)

In March 2016 he broke his femur [thigh bone] attempting a frontside triple cork 1440 jump at a big air competition in Los Angeles, CA, United States of America. (Instagram profile, 29 Nov 2016;, 26 Nov 2016)

In January 2014 he fractured a rib while competing at the Winter X Games in Aspen, CO, United States of America. (, 25 Jan 2014)

In late 2013 he badly bruised both of his heels when he landed short on a jump in Australia. The injury affected him for six weeks. (, 21 Oct 2013;, 29 Aug 2013)
Start He first tried the sport at age five in Lake Louise, AB, Canada. He got his first snowboard two years later. (, 08 Oct 2013)
Reason He and his brother Craig were hooked on the sport from the first time they tried it . Their mother Cindy had to pull them off the snowboard hill at the end of the day. (, 08 Oct 2013)
Ambition To compete at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang. (, 01 Aug 2017)
Hero Norwegian snowboarder Terje Haakonsen. (, 19 Jan 2017)
Philosophy "Keep it fun." (, 19 Jan 2017)
Awards He was named Best Male Action Sports Athlete at the 2017 ESPY Awards. (, 19 Jul 2017)

In 2012 he was named Male Rookie of the Year at the Transworld Riders' Poll Awards. (, 14 May 2013)
Additional information General
He suffered life-threatening injuries, including 17 broken bones, in March 2017 when he crashed into a tree while training in Whistler, BC, Canada. "There's a lot of self doubt. Just, like, do I really want to be doing this anymore? But I don't have anything else that brings this kind of joy to my life. Obviously, it's really stressful, and it can be tough at times, but I'm happy that I pushed through everything and I'm back here." (, 06 Feb 2018)

Growing up on the flat terrain of Regina, SK, Canada, he and his brother Craig had to be creative when they wanted to snowboard. They used to shovel snow from local car parks into a pickup truck and unload it in their yard, so they could build mounds to jump off. They also went to a local pizza shop car park to ride down the 10-foot wooden hill there. (, 15 Sep 2013)

In 2013 he and his brother Craig were featured in 'McMorris and McMorris', an eight-episode television series on MTV. The show followed them as they competed around the world. (, 18 Oct 2013)

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