Athlete Profile - Shane WILLIAMSON

Birth Date:  28 Apr 1995
Age:  22
Gender:   Men
Height (cm):  176
Weight (Kg):  69

Events and Medals

Event Rank
Men's 1,500m 10
Men's Mass Start 11
Men's Team Pursuit 5

Shane WILLIAMSON - Schedule

Start Time Event Status
Tue, 13 Feb 20:00
Men's 1,500m
Sun, 18 Feb 20:00
Men's Team Pursuit Quarterfinals
Wed, 21 Feb 21:19
Men's Team Pursuit Final C
Sat, 24 Feb 20:45
Men's Mass Start Semifinal 1
Sat, 24 Feb 22:00
Men's Mass Start Final


DQ: Disqualified

Biographical Information

Highlights Olympic Winter Games
2014Sochi, RUS26th (6:42.88)

World Single Distances Championships
YearLocation5,000mMS 16 lapsTeam Pursuit
2017Gangneung, KOR16th (6:27.29)9th (0)5th (3:42.77)
2016Kolomna, RUS-8th (3)7th (3:45.07)
2015Heerenveen, NED17th (6:34.33)10th (1)-

World Allround Championships
YearLocationBig Combination
2017Hamar, NOR15th (111.631)
2016Berlin, GER19th (113.230)
2015Calgary, AB, CAN20th (111.925)

World Cup Rankings overview - All rankings from 2014/2015, top three for earlier seasons
Year1,500m5,000/10,000mMS 16 laps

World Cup overview - Best rank per season and event since 2014/2015
Year1,500m5,000mMS 16 lapsTeam Pursuit
2017/20181 x 17th-1 x 14th1 x 2nd
2016/20171 x 19th1 x 6th2 x 10th1 x 1st
2015/2016--1 x 6th1 x 5th
2014/2015--2 x 6th1 x 5th

World Cup - Ten best performances in current season
22017/2018Team PursuitCalgary, AB, CAN3:38.65
42017/2018Team PursuitSalt Lake City, UT, USA3:37.08
72017/2018Team PursuitHeerenveen, NED3:45.56
142017/2018Mass StartCalgary, AB, CAN
172017/20181,500mCalgary, AB, CAN1:44.90
192017/2018Mass StartHeerenveen, NED

Asian Winter Games
YearLocation1,500m5,000mMS 16 lapsTeam Pursuit
2017Obihiro, JPN6th (1:48.17)6th (6:41.76)2nd (40)2nd (3:45.93)

World Junior Championships
YearLocation1,500m5,000mTeam PursuitSmall Combination
2014Bjugn, NOR13th (1:54.49)9th (6:57.00)2nd (4:02.05)10th (157.854)

MS - Mass Start, TSP - Team Sprint, MC - Mini Combination, DNF - Did Not Finish, DNS - Did Not Start, DSQ - Disqualified
Occupation Office Worker
Languages spoken Japanese
Coach Toshiaki Imamura [club], JPN; Johan de Wit [national], NED (, 12 Dec 2017;, 14 Nov 2017;, 10 Dec 2017)
Sporting/Famous relatives His father is an Australian horse trainer who moved to Japan in 1994. (, 25 Jan 2014)
Start He began skating in 1998 at age three in Urakawa, Japan, and initially did short track. He switched to speed skating in 2012. (Athlete, 27 Jan 2017, 05 Dec 2015)
Reason He followed his older brother and sister into the sport. (Athlete, 05 Dec 2015, 07 Dec 2013)
Memorable Achievement Competing at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. (Athlete, 27 Jan 2017)
Hero Dutch speed skater Sven Kramer. (Athlete, 27 Jan 2017)
Influence Dutch speed skater Jan Blokhujisen. (Athlete, 27 Jan 2017)
Rituals He plays with a Rubik's cube before competitions to help him focus. (YouTube, 08 Feb 2014)
Awards In 2014 he was presented with the Citizen Honorary Prize in Urakawa, Japan. (, 08 Jul 2015)

In 2014 he received the Sports Honorary Award in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. (, 08 Jul 2015)

In 2014 he was given an Excellence Award by the Japan Skating Federation. (, 08 Jul 2015)
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