Athlete Profile - Bart SWINGS

Birth Date:  12 Feb 1991
Age:  27
Gender:   Men
Height (cm):  179
Weight (Kg):  69

Events and Medals

Event Rank
Men's 1,500m 6
Men's 5,000m 6
Men's 10,000m 8
Men's Mass Start 2 Silver

Bart SWINGS - Schedule

Start Time Event Status
Sun, 11 Feb 16:00
Men's 5,000m
Tue, 13 Feb 20:00
Men's 1,500m
Thu, 15 Feb 20:00
Men's 10,000m
Sat, 24 Feb 21:00
Men's Mass Start Semifinal 2
Sat, 24 Feb 22:00
Men's Mass Start Final

Biographical Information

Highlights Olympic Winter Games
2014Sochi, RUS23rd (1:10.14)10th (1:45.95)4th (6:17.79)5th (13:13.99)

World Single Distances Championships
YearLocation1,500m5,000m10,000mMS 16 laps
2017Gangneung, KOR9th (1:46.75)9th (6:17.20)-8th (0)
2016Kolomna, RUS4th (1:46.21)7th (6:19.13)11th (13:25.59)20th (0)
2015Heerenveen, NED7th (1:46.23)9th (6:23.77)8th (13:22.85)11th
2013Sochi, RUS13th (1:48.39)6th (6:23.01)5th (13:19.15)-
2012Heerenveen, NED16th (1:47.90)10th (6:28.07)DNF-
2011Inzell, GER-17th (6:32.49)--

World Allround Championships
YearLocationBig Combination
2017Hamar, NOR5th (150.590)
2016Berlin, GER23rd (72.493)
2015Calgary, AB, CAN4th (148.299)
2014Heerenveen, NED5th (151.519)
2013Hamar, NOR3rd (149.800)

World Cup Rankings overview - All rankings from 2014/2015, top three for earlier seasons
YearOverall1,000m1,500m5,000/10,000mMS 20 lapsMS 16 laps

World Cup overview - Best rank per season and event since 2014/2015
Year1,500m5,000m10,000mMS 16 laps
2017/20181 x 7th1 x 6th-1 x 3rd
2016/20171 x 3rd1 x 4th1 x 8th2 x 3rd
2015/20162 x 2nd1 x 3rd1 x 5th2 x 1st
2014/20151 x 3rd1 x 4th1 x 2nd1 x 1st

World Cup - Ten best performances in current season
32017/2018Mass StartSalt Lake City, UT, USA20
42017/2018Mass StartHeerenveen, NED
62017/20185,000mErfurt, GER6:20.31
72017/20181,500mErfurt, GER1:46.83
152017/20185,000mHeerenveen, NED6:27.12
152017/2018Mass StartCalgary, AB, CAN
182017/20181,500mHeerenveen, NED1:47.67

European Allround Championships
YearLocationBig Combination
2017Heerenveen, NED3rd (151.293)
2016Minsk, BLR2nd (150.464)
2015Chelyabinsk, RUS5th (151.448)

MS - Mass Start, TSP - Team Sprint, MC - Mini Combination, DNF - Did Not Finish, DNS - Did Not Start, DSQ - Disqualified
Occupation Athlete, Student
Education Electronic Engineering - Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium
Languages spoken Dutch, English, French
Coach Jelle Spruyt [national, personal] (, 05 Sep 2017; Athlete, 28 Jan 2017)
Sporting/Famous relatives His brother Maarten has represented Belgium in roller speed skating and speed skating. (, 30 Sep 2013)
Other sports He has represented Belgium in roller speed skating, winning four gold medals in the sport at the 2013 World Championships in Oostende, Belgium. (, 06 Nov 2016; SportsDeskOnline, 18 Dec 2013;, 10 Apr 2012)
Injuries He was suffering from sickness and a knee inflammation at the start of the 2017/18 season. (, 10 Dec 2017)
Start He took up roller speed skating at age eight. He began speed skating in 2010 in Germany. (Athlete, 28 Jan 2017, 10 Dec 2013)
Reason He wanted to compete at the Olympic Games, but roller speed skating was not part of the programme. He therefore made the switch to speed skating, which enabled him to qualify for the Olympic Winter Games. "You dream of the Olympic Games, the pinnacle for every athlete, but roller speed skating is not an Olympic sport. If it was, I would never have made the switch." (, 06 Nov 2016)
Ambition To win a medal at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang. (, 09 Oct 2017)
Training He usually skates twice a day, six days a week. "My coach is not the biggest fan about resting so my rest days are an active rest. This means I have to still get in an hour on the bike or something like that. I usually train about five hours a day. I do ice skating, inline skating, go biking a lot, do weight training and plyometrics." (, 09 Oct 2017)
Memorable Achievement Winning gold in roller speed skating at the 2009 World Championships in Haining, People's Republic of China, and finishing fourth in the 5000m at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. (Athlete, 28 Jan 2017;, 06 Nov 2016)
Hero US roller speed skater and speed skater Chad Hedrick, Belgian cyclists Sven Nys and Tom Boonen. (Athlete, 28 Jan 2017;, 06 Nov 2016)
Influence Coach Jelle Spruyt. (Athlete, 28 Jan 2017)
Philosophy "Never give up." (Athlete, 28 Jan 2017)
Awards He received the 2014 Flemish Sportjuweel [Flemish Sports Jewel], an award presented annually to an athlete who has delivered a remarkable and exceptional sporting performance. (, 06 Nov 2016)
Additional information General
He got into the sport through roller speed skating, and he still feels more comfortable skating on land rather than ice. "I find inline skating so much easier, I don't have to even think about it. It's like I was born with inline skates on my feet. In ice skating I really have to focus and think about it, but when I'm doing well I really do enjoy it." (, 09 Oct 2017)

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