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A Place Full of Good Hearts - Jeongseon 5-Day Market

Date 15-Dec-2016 Hit 2,444


With the melody of Arirang remaining alive in its wonderful natural environment, Jeongseon is located in the Gangwon province. The course that you should never miss during trip to Jeongseon is its 5-day market. The Jeongseon 5-day Arirang market, which opened first in 1966, is Korea's largest traditional market with a long history and tradition. This market opens on 2nd, 7th, 12th, 17th, 22nd, and 27th day of every month where you can enjoy a variety of seasonal agricultural foods, fruits and traditional foods. Now, with the wind turning cool, let's take a look at the attractiveness of the Jeongseon 5-day market.


Gondrae Namul bap



Gondrae Namul bap (boild rice mixed with vegetable), the most famous food in Jeongseon 
Gondrae is a staple vegetable of Jeongseon. You can have a taste of the fresh Gondrae vegetable at the Jeongseon 5-day market. The name of Gondrae came from its appearance of swaying in the wind, just like a staggerer.


Gondrae vegetable means more than just vegetable for those living in Jeongseon. In the past when the rice was in short supply, the residents of Jeongseon appeased their hunger by eating gondrae vegetable. 


Gondrae vegetable which helped the people of Jeongseon survive their difficult times is now enjoying more popularity in the form of Gondrae Namul bap which has light and smooth taste. 


Gondrae vegetable which contains an abundance of protein, calcium and vitamin A and is easily digested is loved by people of all ages and both sexes. It's one of must-eat foods during your trip to the Jeongseon 5-day market.


Fresh staple foods of Jeongseon 



You can see a variety of Jeongseon's staple foods during your visit to the Jeongseon 5-day market. In the spring, you can have a taste of various vegetables such as shepherd's purse, wild chive, pimpinella brachycarpa and groundsel. Waxy corns and potatoes are popular during summer time. In autumn, Korean wild grapes, Siberian gooseberry, haw, and Chinese pepper are available. Even in winter, you can enjoy freshwater fishes caught in the nearby Choyang River, plus sorghum pancake, buckwheat crepe and corn wine.



A wide variety of staple foods are available throughout four seasons of year. When it comes to agricultural products, most of them are cultivated in the neighboring farms, thereby being available relatively cheap.



Potato ongsimi with nice chewy texture served in warm soup



Potao ongsimi, a native food of the Gangwon province, is also one of the foods that you should try during your visit to the Jeongseon 5-day market. Potato ongsimi is made by grinding a potato, draining water out of it, and mixing it with starch flour to make "Ongsimi (small dumpling in red-bean gruel)". Finally, add and boil ongsimi in anchovy broth. The taste of potato ongsimi is different depending on how you grind, paste and boil it. Potato ongsimi is made by the province's staple potato which is well known for its  great taste. It offers a special taste especially in cold weather.



Don't miss the chance to enjoy a variety of munchies at the Jeongseon 5-day market



When you enter the Meokja-golmok (Eatery Alley) of the Jeongseon 5-day market, you would be amazed by a wide variety of munchies. Good examples of such foods are sorghum pancake and buckwheat crepe. 


Sorghum pancake is a rice cake featuring chewy paste and delicious bean jam. It's made by making a round and wide paste by mixing sorghum powder with water and frying it in oil. 



There are also various kinds of munchies made by buckwheat, which are the native foods in Gangwon province. Buckwheat is a healthy food having a high level of proteins, vitamin B1 and B2 which helps lower the blood pressure. 


An exemplary food using buckwheat is the buckwheat noodle called Kotdeungchigi noodle. Kotdeungchigi means "hit the nose" in Korean. This noodle may slap your nose when you eat it because of a thick and resilient texture. Another famous foods made of buckwheat are the buckwheat pancake made by frying buckwheat dough with Chinese cabbage on top, and a Kimchi buckwheat crepe which gives crunchy texture. 

The Jeongseon 5-day market is a perfect mix of a wide variety of things to watch and eat,and welcoming and warm people. Don's miss the chance to enjoy the Gangwon province's native foods all featuring a light and clean taste. Why don’t you make special memories at the Jeongseon 5-day market with full of laughter and happiness!