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Host City Introduction



It is the number one tourist destination city of Korea. Let us introduce to you Gangneung, a city full of the cool scent of the sea and the pine trees.

General information

Gangneung Map Gangneung Map
  • Population 219,274 (as of 2012)
  • Area 1,040.4㎢
  • Administrative divisions 1 Eup, 7 Myeon, 13 Administrative Dong (39 legal)

The symbols of Gangneung

The symbols of Gangneung include the zinnia, which represents the cheerful character and strong vitality of the people, the pine tree which represents the unwavering and firm nature of the community, and the swan which symbolizes the cherished traditions of literature and art.

The flower of Gangneung- Zinnia

Zinnia is a beautiful red flower that blooms throughout summer and autumn, which symbolizes the cheerfulness and strong vitality of the people.

The tree of the city – Pine tree

Pine tree is an evergreen tree belonging to the pine tree family. Its green leaves in all seasons symbolize the unwavering and firm spirit of the community.

The bird of the city - Swan

It is a protected species designated as Natural Monument No. 201. It is a winter bird that frequently visits Gangneung area in winter. The swan has been known as the herald of good luck, harvest and prosperity. Its pure and clean white color represents the sentiments of the community, which cherishes the traditions of literature and art.

The major cultural assets & tourist attractions

The major cultural assets and tourist attractions include the eight famous spots of Gwandong
(the middle eastern part of Korea) and Seongyojang House of Gangneung.

  • The eight famous spots of Gwandong
    (the middle eastern part of Korea)

    view of The eight famous spots of Gwandong(the middle eastern part of Korea)

    Gwandong area in Gangwon province has been famous for its many scenic attractions with high mountains and clear rivers. Among them, there are eight famous places, the “Gwandong eight famous spots” in the Gwandong Sceneries written by Jeong Cheol. “Gwangdong eight famous spots” literally means eight famous scenic spots in Gwandong area. There is a lot of poetry about these places as they have been praised as the most scenic spots in Gwandong area for a long time.

  • Seongyojang House of Gangneung

    view of Seongyojang House of Gangneung

    It is the most well-preserved house from Choseon Dynasty in Gangwon province, and it is located about 4km away from Gyeongpo in Gangneung. It is a typical upper-class residence with 99 spaces, and it was designated as the Important Folklore Material No.5 in 1965. During Choseon Dynasty(1703), Nae-beon Lee, the descendant of Hyoryeong accidentally discovered the site and built the house. In 2000, KBS(Korea Broadcasting System) selected this residency as one of Korea’s Top 10 most well preserved traditional house.