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The construction of the 2nd Yeongdong highway between Gwangju in Gyeonggi Province and Wonju has been completed, and the new highway between East Hongcheon and Yangyang is now under construction. When the new highway opens to operation, it will distribute the traffic volume between Seoul area and Gangwon province or Gangneung and improve the travel between these two regions. Also, for spectators who are going to Gangneung for ice sport competitions, the new highway between East Hongcheon and Yangyang will shorten the travel time.

Classification Section Construction Period
DongSeo Highway (4 lanes) East Hongcheon-Yangyang (73.9km) Dec. 2008 ~ Dec. 2017
The 2nd Yeongdong Highway (4 lanes) Gwangju-Wonju (56.95km) Nov. 2011 ~ Nov. 2016

Local roads

The local roads will be used as a bypass for the highway or for transportation from KTX stations to venues. The local road No.6 connecting Dunnae-Mui-Jangpyeong-Ganpyeong, and the local road No.59 connecting Makdong-Mapyeong, Najeon-Makdong are the new local roads. The local road No.6 can be used as a detour when the highway traffic between Dunnae IC and Daegwallyeong IC is congested. The local road No.59 will connect Jinbu IC and Jeongseon.

Local road
Classification Lanes Section Construction period
The local road No.6 2 lanes 1Dunnae-Mui (22.5km) May. 2014
4 lanes 2Mui-Jangpyeong (5.5km)
4 lanes 3Jangpyeong-Ganpyeong (24.8km)
The local road No.59 2 lanes 4Makdong-Mapyeong (3.3km) May. 2011
2 lanes 5Najeon-Makdong (17.0km)


With the existing line between Incheon and West Wonju refurbished for the speed of up to 150km/h and a new line built between West Wonju and Gangneung for the speed of up to 230km/h, the high speed railroad (KTX) now connects Incheon and Gangneung. When all these sections open to operation, the travel time from Incheon to Gangneung will be less than 2 hours. As the major cities of Korea such as Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, Daejeon, etc. are already connected with the KTX line, the accessibility to Gangwon Province will be greatly improved.

Classification Incheon-Susaek Susaek-Yongsan Yongsan-Cheongnyangni Cheongnyangni-West Wonju West Wonju-Jinbu Jinbu-Gangneung
Distance 48.8km 9.3km 12.7km 86.4km 79.8km 41.0km

Max speed(km/h) /Time(min.)

150km/24min 150km/6min 150km/10min 230km/36min 250km/22min 250km/14min
Construction Period Jun. 2012 ~ Jun. 2014 Nov. 1999 ~ Dec. 2014 Jun. 2012 ~ Jun. 2017
Classification Distance Max speed /Time(min.) Construction Period
Incheon-Susaek 48.8km 150km/24min Jun. 2012 ~ Jun. 2014
Susaek-Yongsan 9.3km 150km/6min Nov. 1999 ~ Dec. 2014
Yongsan-Cheongnyangni 12.7km 150km/10min Jun. 2012 ~ Jun. 2017
Cheongnyangni-West Wonju 12.7km 150km/10min
West Wonju-Jinbu 12.7km 150km/10min
Jinbu-Gangneung 12.7km 150km/10min
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