Fans Soak up Snowboard Action in Phoenix Snow Park

Snowboard fans from across the world flocked to the Phoenix Snow Park on a sunny Day 4, to cheer on the world’s top snowboard talent in the men’s and ladies’ halfpipe events.

Draped in flags, hats, scarves and armed with a heatpack or two, smiling fans gasped, cheered and clapped their favorites all the way down the pipe.
Clayton McLeoud and Alex McLaren of Australia flew into Korea the night before the ladies halfpipe final and were delighted with the conditions.

“We were in Japan for and we thought ‘Why not come over for a week and see the Aussies compete?’ And then head back,” shared Alex. A far cry from Australia’s typical dry heat in February, Clayton and alex were ready for the cold.

“I prepared for the conditions by wearing layers!” Laughed Clayton, but mentioned that he felt he and his companion had “lucked into a good day” in regards to the weather.
They were there to cheer on fellow Australian Emily Arthur, who ultimately finished 11 in the ladies’ halfpipe competition.

“Our girl did pretty well up there, but you can tell that the US and Chinese Ladies have got the bigger air, but she did really well and she’ll be around for a while, she’s just a teenager.”
As an avid snowboard fan Clayton gave his take on the recent controversy that the windy conditions favoured athletes with more stable and low risk routines have a better chance of winning.

“I want to see the best tricks and I think that should be rewarded [by the judges],” he said.

With this belief in mind, there’s no doubt Clayton was delighted later in the day when Chloe Kim pulled off back-to-back 1080s.

Kane Mason, another Australian soaking up some winter sun said PyeongChang 2018 was a great opportunity to fly his father in from their home country to spend some time together. Although currently living in Busan Korea, Kane mentioned that he was struggling to grasp “the science behind the heatpacks” that have been keeping him and his family toasty throughout the Games, nevertheless he was delighted with their heating power. “They just keep getting hotter and hotter."

Fans from North America, China, Japan, Australia and Europe were witness to some exhilarating aerial displays from the big names in both events.
First in the ladies’ half pipe event, those in the packed grandstand along with the hundreds waiting at the base of the halfpipe experienced Chloe Kim’s dominance of the competition with an incredible score of 98.25.

Kim who had the final run of the day did more than enough to take the gold bringing delight to both her American and Korean fans.
Later in the day, Shaun White qualified with ease to crowd chants of USA! USA!

To the delight of many Australian fans in the Phoenix Snow Park, Scotty James put 96.75 on the board to show his American competitors that the upcoming final is far from sewn up.

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