Torch Relay: Yuna Kim is the Final Torchbearer

Republic of Korea's figure skating superstar Kim Yuna (Yuna Kim) lit the Olympic Cauldron at the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Games on Friday.

For 101 days, the Olympic Flame has travelled to every corner of Korea and tonight the gold medalist had the honour of lighting the Olympic Cauldron.

Kim, who won gold at the Vancouver Games in 2010 and silver in Sochi four years later, performed a short skating routine before receiving the torch and sending flames shooting up to the cauldron.

Speaking at a post Olympic Opening Ceremony press conference today, she revealed that she was informed of her key role several months ago.

"It was the first time I had ever skated so high," she told press, mentioning also that her thoughts in the moment were about keeping her composure, keeping her segment error free and "not falling". Despite months of mental and physical preparation, the knowledge that there is one shot to get everything right never left Kim. "In most of my competitions and shows, there was always another chance to make up for a mistake, but I had only one shot for this performance and the whole world was watching," she said.

The penultimate moment before the lighting of the cauldron saw the transference of the Olympic Flame from a pair of torchbearers to Kim, one was from the KOR's NOC and another from DPKR's NOC.
There was no time to rehearse this segment, with the torchbearers being chosen just days before. "When our eyes locked at the top of the stadium." said Kim when asked about the first time she met the pair. In this moment she was aware that the world was watching and every move and expression she made were very important. She added, "It was really meaningful and touching for me that the two athletes that will be competing at the competition handed the torch over to me."

At the end of the conference, the press applauded Kim, Executive Creative Director Song Seung-whan and Creative Director Yang Yung Ung for a successful Opening Ceremony.

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