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Benefits of Hosting the Olympic Games

“Establish a benchmark for national development and a sustainable regional legacy”

  • Contribute to Economic Revitalization

    Contributing to economic revitalization through job creation from the Games preparation stage

  • Upgrade National Brand

    Promoting national strength and standing, and making a leap forward in politics, economy, society and culture through upgrading the national brand

  • Balance Regional Development

    Balanced regional development through upgrading regional brand value and expansion of Social Overhead Capital (SOC)

  • Drive National Development

    Nation-wide energy converged to propel national development by enhanced integration and pride

  • Promote Development of High-Tech Industry

    Leading global market in high-tech industries such as IT, green industry, etc.

  • Advance National Standing

    Symbolic opportunity to become an advanced country by showcasing Korea to the world with successful delivery of the Olympic Winter Games following the Seoul 1998 Games

  • Promote Inter-Korea Reconciliation, Cooperation, and Peace

    Promoting Inter-Korea reconciliation, cooperation and peace with the Olympic movement

  • Create a hub for Asian Winter Sports

    Creating a hub for Asian Winter Sports with great growth potential