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CHOO Shin-soo

Major League Baseball Player

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In His Own Words

"As a Korean, I feel proud that after Seoul 1988 Summer Games, the Republic of Korea is going to host a major sports event like this once again. I’ll begin by telling all my close friends about the Games."

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- Started playing in Major League Baseball in the US in 2000
- First Korean ‘Player of the Month’ in September 2008
- His team was chosen by USA Today as ‘Major League Dream Team’ in January 2009
- Achieved ‘batting average of 0.3 or higher, 20 home runs, and 20 stolen bases’ for two straight years in 2009 and 2010
- First National League leadoff hitter to achieve ‘20 home runs, 20 stolen bases, 100 walks, 100 Rs, and reached base 300 times’ (in 2013 when he played with the Cincinnati Reds)
- Currently is signed as a Major League baseball player with the Texas Rangers