Faces for PyeongChang: Canada’s Young on the up

Date 27-Oct-2016
Faces for PyeongChang: Canada’s Young on the up

With 500 days until the next Winter Paralympics, Canada’s EmilyYoung looks ahead to the new Nordic skiing season.

With 500 days until the PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic Winter Games, anotherpromising young Canadian skier is getting ready for a hugely important Nordic skiingseason.

Emily Young took part in her first World Cup in season 2015-16 and she is nowlooking forward to two years of important competitions ahead.

The 15-year- old has a lot to be excited about with the World Para Nordic SkiingChampionships coming up in Finsterau, Germany in February 2017 and theParalympic Games in 2018.

World Para Nordic SkiingChampionships

It may not seem long until PyeongChang but for an athlete with only one full seasonunder her belt it still seems quite far in the future.

“I can't even think of 2018 just yet as there are so many big races this comingseason, but if I could represent Canada in Korea it would be an absolute honour anda privilege,” Young said. “Until then I will continue training and learning this sport sothat I can give it my all if given the chance to get to on the start line.”

Her biggest challenge this season will be competing in Finsterau. Unlike theParalympics she has already had some experience of the World Championshipsfrom Cable, USA in 2015.

“This will actually be my second World Championships. I was lucky enough to race inCable 2015 and with only four months of skiing under my belt I didn’t make acomplete fool of myself. I am really looking forward to see how this WorldChampionships compares to the World Cups races of last year”, she added.

Her first World Cup campaign went well with a personal best of fourth place in thewomen’s biathlon 12.5km standing in Vuokatti, Finland. The 25-year- old ended theseason ranked in the top ten in both cross-country and biathlon.

“Last year was a huge learning year. It is incredible to see the learning andimprovement. That being said, starting from scratch you would hope to see somesort of improvement and I guess the coaching staff and Cross Country Canada sawwhat they wanted because they kept me around.”

World Para Nordic SkiingChampionships

“I was happy with last year”, continued Young, “I really enjoy training and racing andit is really nice to see when your plans work in the big races. I want to try and workmy way up the pack a little more this year towards the top girls. My coach has reallybeen working hard with me on technique and ski fitness this past off season and ithas really been paying off.”

Young may be relatively new to Nordic sport but she is not a beginner in sportingterms. She has a background in both triathlon and wrestling. In fact it was whilepractising sport that she obtained her impairment.

“I have ulnar nerve damage to my right arm which I injured in 2009 when I waswrestling. Since this is a relatively young injury it has yet to really stabilize and theaffected areas are changing constantly. It mostly affects my shoulder, neck and rightarm which is permanently stuck around the 90 degree mark. I don't feel half my armand have many muscles that just don't connect properly.”

Even though one sport caused her injury another sport actually led her to discoverskiing.

“When I was first introduced to cross-country skiing I was training for triathlon aftersome surgery. I ran into a friend’s mum who was married to the Head coach ofHollyburn Cross Country ski club. I gave roller skiing a shot and the rest is history.”

Her experience of different sports has also helped her transition into cross-countryskiing.

“I believe to this day, the reason I have been somewhat successful picking up thesport was because of the balance and some positioning from wrestling and mycardiovascular fitness from the triathlon,” Young concluded.

The PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic Winter Games will be take place between 9-18March 2018.

The Games will feature up to 670 athletes competing in 80 medal events across sixsports: alpine skiing, biathlon, cross-country skiing, ice sledgehockey, snowboard and wheelchair curling.