Day 4 Roundup: Comebacks, Super Combineds and an Unstoppable Team USA.

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Anna-Lena Foster Takes Sitting Gold in Stunning Comeback

Anna-Lena Forster of Germany won the women's sitting alpine skiing event today, after only placing fourth after the first run.

Her nearest rival Anna Schaffelluber, also of Germany, could only manage a time four seconds slower than Forster. Japan's Momoka Muraoka took the bronze.

Bugaev has Brace of Gold Medals After PyeongChang Success

Neutral Paralympic Athlete Aleksei Bugaev has once again taken gold in a men’s standing Paralympic event. He was a second quicker than anyone in the slalom, giving him the opportunity to repeat his Sochi success.

French favourite Arthur Bauchet took silver, while New Zealand's Adam Hall took bronze.

Dutch Muscles Clinch the Super Combined for Kampschreur

Sit-skier Jeroen Kampschreur won his first Paralympic title in the Day 4 final. He was third following the super-G and then posted the fastest slalom time to take gold. France's Frederic Francois took the silver medal Norway’s Jesper Pedersen.

Following the victory, Kampschreur explained that muscle building played a big role in his success.

"Three years ago I was 10 kilos lighter and we gained a lot of muscle. I gained 10 kilos in three years. (A lot of steak?) Yes, and a lot of bench pressing and chin-ups and everything. It's necessary, I'm small. I was light but not any more, and in the speed discipline you need some weight," he said.

Ukraine Enjoys Rad Performance for Fourth Gold

Taras Rad claimed Ukraine's fourth gold medal of the Paralympic Games after leading the field in the men's sitting 12.5km by more than one minute. The Team USA pair of Daniel Cnossen and Andrew Soule took silver and bronze respectively.

Team USA Dominate Group B after 8-0 Win

The USA are now top of Group B after an 8-0 win against Republic of Korea. The Sochi champions have scored a total of 28 goals this campaign and have kept a clean sheet in PyeongChang.


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