Day 5 Roundup: Kazakhstan Finds Gold and Eskau rises to the Challenge

It was a day of firsts in PyeongChang on Day 5 of the competition. Here are some of the best bits of action from today's Paralympic Winter Games.

Farkasova and Subrtova are a Winning Combination in Women’s Giant Slalom

Henrieta Farkasova, with guide Natalia Subrtova, won her fourth gold in PyeongChang 2018 this time in the women's giant slalom vision impaired. The silver went to Great Britain's Menna Fitzpatrick (guide Jennifer Kehoe) and bronze to Australia's Melissa Perrine (guide Christian Geiger).

Guide, Natalia Subrtova explained her dynamic relationship with Subtrova after the medal event.
"We complement each other really well, what I am trying to do as a guide is always show her technique-wise when we are going down and comment on her technique as well. I want to set good example for her to follow.”

Things Run the Right Way for Kazakhstan’s Kolyadin

Kazakhstan won its first ever gold medal in the Paralympic Winter Games with Alexandr Kolyadin in the men's 1.5km sprint standing. Japan's Yoshihiro Nitta took silver and Canada's Mark Arendz and Finland's Illka Tuomisto finished spectacurlaly tied in third place.

According to Kolyadin, the shape of the cross-country course was suitable for his prostehtic leg.

"The distance is not mine, but the style is mine. Thank you, Korea. The course was correct. It goes clockwise. This suits my (prosthetic) leg well on the turns and I lose out less that way,” he said.

Pedersen Puts Norway on Top of Podium with Golden Sitting Slalom Run

Norway's first Paralympic champion in PyeongChang came in the men's giant slalom sitting with Jesper Pedersen. Silver for USA with Tyler Walker and bronze for Poland with Igor Sikorski (his country's first medal in the 2018 Games).

Germany’s Eskau Eases Her Way to Gold Biathlon
Andrea Eskau of Germany, the oldest female biathlete at PyeongChang 2018, credits her age for winning gold in the 10km sitting race on Tuesday, a decade after her first Paralympic triumph.

"I'm very proud about it, I'm an old woman," said Eskau , who turns 47 on 21 March. Today it was an advantage. The others are really stressed, even at the start, and I said to myself, 'It's quite like just another training (session),” she said.

Wheelchair Curling Daily Results

Daily results: Finland 6-5 Sweden, Germany 3-8 Great Britain, Slovakia 2-9 China, Switzerland 7-4 USA. Great Britain 3-9 USA, Republic of Korea 2-9 Norway. Germany 4-9 Switzerland, Canada 5 -4 NPA.

Czechs Beat Sweden as Para Ice-Hockey Nears Final Matches

Czech Republic was 3-1 down but managed to equalise with one minute to go and then beat Sweden on penatly shootouts in the Gangneung Hockey Centre.

The Czech Republic will play for the fifth place against the winner of the match Norway v Japan that takes place at 20:00 in Gangneung.

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