Goodnight PyeongChang 2018: The Paralympic Winter Games Comes to an End after an Incredible Closing Ceremony

The Closing Ceremony of the PyeongChang 2018 Parlaympic Winter Games not only marks the end of a successful Paralympic campaign, but also celebrates the the dedication and passion of everyone involved for the last four years.

Here are some of the highlights of an amazing evening.

Music in Motion
Korean master-singer Chunhee LEE, stirred the emotions in the crowd with his heart warming renditions of Korean songs. Meanwhile a video showing the effort and contribution made by the Athletes, Gangwon residents, volunteers and staff played out over the stadium.

Lowering of The Flag

The Taegeukgi has been central to all of the Closing and Opening Ceremonies so far. Tonight the global audience watching the games says goodbye to a symbol that has been so familiar to them. From the opening dance performance of the Olympic Games, to the lowering of the flag at the Closing Ceremony of the Paralympic Games, the colours of blue, white and red

It was an emotional moment when it was taken down for the last time.

The Speeches

Andrew Parsons once again wowed the crowd with his well-practiced Korean phrases. The IPC President from Brazil along with the POCOG President LEE Hee-beom paid tribute to the Late Stephen Hawking and people with disabilities all over the world.

Unforgettable Soloists

Ahra KO, Yeaji KIM, and Hee Sang LEE reminded us all we were in the land of peace with breathtaking performances that featured many musical styles.

The Volunteers

There were a number of volunteers present in the PyeongChang Olympic Stadium tonight and their wonderful efforts during the Olympic and Paralympic Games were recognised by the crowd. Thank you, to each and everyone of you for your efforts.

The Whang Youn Dai Achievement Award

The Whang Youn Dai Achievement Award was established in 1988 and this year celebrates its 30th anniversary. Tonight it was presented to deserving individuals.

Each year, the award is presented to one male and one female Athletes who profoundly demonstrates courage, determination, challenger spirit and firm will.
This award is presented as a tribute to Dr. Whang as well as a reminder of the true meaning of Paralympic spirit. Tonight Dr Whang was also presented with a plaque of appreciation.

Extinguishing the Flame

Footage of Changwoo SEOK painting a message to the crowd in his studio was shown in the stadium screens before the canvas was thrown towards the screen before magically appearing in the stadium. Then a Dosalpuri dance was performed, an ancient folk dance performed to remove evil spirits. The flame dimmed, then went out in a bittersweet moment for those with their gaze fixed upon the cauldron.

Goodnight PyeongChang

The final performance would always stage a world where everyone – regardless of impairment comes together and advances towards coexistence.

Singing sensation Ailee, along with the Bae Hui Gwan Band gave a stunning series of duets and solo performances to send us all off into the night.
In the final moments under a sky of fireworks, all the cast members of the Closing Ceremony artistic segments joined the party.

With the final performance closed, the 10-day journey of PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic Winter Games comes to a glorious end.

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