Opening Ceremony Kicks off Paralympic Winter Games in Style

PyeongChang Olympic Stadium Comes Alive with the Opening Ceremony

Moontae Lee, a former KBS TV director and head of a cultural organisation, was charged with curating an evening of entertainment on the global stage, a task that was completed successfully.

Here are a selction of highlights from the wonderful opening night of the PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic Winter Games.

Let’s Move (to the Drums)

Myeongjin SHIN, an amputee performer with a prosthetic arm and legs, beats on the Giant Drum. The sound connects the heaven with earth, initiating the thrilling feast of drums. Since the ancient times, when an important guest visits the royal court of Korea, the guest was met with warm hospitality and a welcoming ceremony called bin-rye.

Let's Move is a newly interpreted percussion performance of traditional bin-rye that jovially welcomes Paralympians and spectators from all around the world.
Various sounds of drums symbolize the passion and ardent hearts of the athletes.

The Taegeukgi Arrives on the Frozen River

Those at home witnessed the stunning aerial view of the flag of the Republic of Korea being transported along the projected frozen waterway of the Dong River.
During the incredible visual displays, Youngtaek HWANG and Hyukgun KIM, together with an all-wheelchair choir sang the national anthem.

Sojeong Lights up the Olympic Stadium

Not only did renowned blind singer Sojeong bring joy to the thousands in the stadium with her vocal talents, her role in an interactive visual display saw her imagination come to life in the form of intricate drawings come to life in the arena.

Lighting of the Flame
The final torchbearers were revealed to be none other than Seo Soonseok and Kim EunJung of wheelchair curling and curling fame. They took the flame from sledge hockey player Han Min Su of the Republic of Korea, who climbed the ramp in a spectacular fashion with the torch on his back.

A Spectacular Finale

The Paralympic flame rose signalling the end of a wonderful Opening Ceremony. The giant sphere of flame morphed into the ‘Sun of Coexistence’ emitting a bright red light. In the final moments it transitions one more time, now turning into a full white moon shining upon the Olympic Stadium. A fantastic troupe of moonlight dancers send us off into the night.

Korea and the Paralympic Games

The Republic of Korea first participated in the Tel Aviv 1968 Summer Paralympic Games and now 50 years later, PyeongChang has the honour of hosting this prestigious event.
The host nation has a very special history with the Paralympic Games. Seoul 1998 was the first time that the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games were held together in the same city and also marked the first time that the Paralympic Games had its own athlete village and torch relay.
Approximately 30 Korean athletes will compete in the six Paralympic events at PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic Winter Games.

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