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What is accessibility?

Web accessibility enables people with special needs, such as those with impairments or the aged, to access and understand the contents of websites just as easily as people without special needs can. “While users without impairments can quickly perceive the online contents presented in text, images and video clips, this may not be the case for people with special needs. For these users, every image or photo must be accompanied by alternative text. Every video clip or audio must also come with a text description of the audio content for users with hearing impairments. Keyboard shortcuts must be available for people without access to pointing devices such as a mouse. Users who need longer time to access contents will benefit from adjustable timing function.”

Accessibility features of the PyeongChang 2018 website

The PyeongChang 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games websites were developed with the following accessibility features:

Modals (images or texts that appear overlaid on website contents) or Flash contents are not used, due to certain characteristics that make the access challenging for the visually impaired.

Keyboard shortcuts are available, so that users can access information without having to search for navigational buttons on the screen.

Invisible menu for people with impairments directs users to access the contents in a logical sequence, from the header, menu, to the footer.

All images are followed by descriptions in text, ensuring clear understanding of the contents.

The font resizing feature on internal content pages will meet the needs of all users.

Users can also use the magnifying tool from their own browser to increase and decrease font size:

Press Ctrl + to increase font size

Press Ctrl - to decrease font size

Press Ctrl 0 to return font to its original size.

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