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For smoother operation of the Games, cars and other means of transportation by individuals will not be allowed to access around each venue of the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018. Through the Park & Ride system, ticket holders can be transported from a Park & Ride site to each venue. There are four Park & Ride sites such as in PyeongChang, Bokwang, Jeongseon and Gangneung. You can easily and conveniently get to the venues by free shuttle buses from these Park & Ride sites, which you can reach in various ways such as by your own car, public transportation, or KTX, the high speed trains. Please check the transportation information for more details.

To ensure smooth operation, personal transportation will be restricted during the Olympic Winter Games in some areas of the host city and areas around the stadiums. More information will be available in January 2018.


Are you planning a trip for the Olympic Winter Games? Check out the accommodations prepared in the host city and the surrounding areas.

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About Korea

  • PyeongChang
    PyeongChang is located in the Taebaeksan Mountains of Gangwon-do Province. Approximately 60% of the total area is over 700metres above sea level. PyeongChang is a center of winter sports in Korea, where visitors can experience not only exciting winter sports but also other seasonal entertainment such as golf and water parks. At Daegwallyeong, consisting of hilly land and flat land, visitors can visit a sheep farm, learn horse riding and participate in cheese-making program. Dairy products and highland vegetables produced in clean nature are also a pride of this region.
  • Gangneung
    Gangneung is a coastal city of the Yeongdong region of Gangwon-do Province. It is a major tourist city in Korea, widely known for Gyeongpodae, Jeongdongjin, Jumunjin, and Sogeumgang. There are many historical attractions such as Ohjukheon, where the outstanding Joseon Dynasty scholar Yulgok Yi-I and his mother Shin Siimang lived, and Seongyojang, a typical upper class residence of the Joseon Dynasty. Because there are both sea and mountain in Gangneung, visitors can enjoy various leisure sports such as sea bathing, surfing, climbing, bike, and golf. Also, coffee festivals and various cultural performances are held every fall.
  • Jeongseon
    Jeongseon is located in the southeast part of Gangwon-do Province. Jeongseon, well-known as a hometown of "Jeongseon Arirang,” attracts visitors with its superb natural scenery, including the Gariwangsan Mountain Natural Recreational Forest and Hwaam Cave. Taking advantage of the various geographical features, visitors can try unusual sports such as Rail Bike, Zipwire, Skywalk, rafting, and mountain biking. Every year, many festivals that celebrate the season are held, such as Jeongseon Arirang Festival, Mindungsan Eulalia Festival, Auraji Raft Festival, Hambaeksan Wildflower Festival, and Coal Culture Festival. Enjoy traditional food at the Jeongseon Arirang 5-day Market, the nation's largest traditional agriculture market.
  • Gangwon-do Province
    Gangwon-do Province is located in the central eastern part the Korean Peninsula and is divided into Yeongdong area, the right side of the Taebaeksan mountain range, and Yeongseo area, the left side. The Yeongdong region is mainly composed of rugged mountains and valleys such as Daegwallyeong, Misiryeong, Jinburyeong, and Hangyeryeong and has outstanding natural beauty. Meanwhile, In the Yeongseo region, the mountainous areas blend with the basins and gradually spreads to Gyeonggi-do and Seoul. Seoraksan Mountain, Odaesan Mountain, Chiaksan Mountain, Gyeongpoho Lake, Taebaeksan Mountain and Naksansa Temple are the treasures of Gangwon-do Province and natural scenery representing Korea.
  • Republic of Korea
    The Republic of Korea is a democratic republic, located in East Asia. Three sides of the country are surrounded by the ocean and 70% of the entire country is made up of mountains. The west side of the Korean Peninsula has a gentle slope while the east side consists of steep slope. It has four distinctive seasons. Summer and winter are long, and spring and fall are comparatively short. Not only the beautiful nature but also the harmony of traditional and modern buildings make the country more attractive. Because of the public transportation is very well developed, you can reach any part of the country in a day. Korea is an attractive country not only for Koreans but also for people all around the world.

Prepare for the Trip

Visa and Passport

If you are planning to visit Korea, check your visa status and passport expiration date.

Useful Information

If you have more questions about Korea, check out the information provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea.


PyeongChang Mountain Cluster
Gangneung Coastal Cluster

Useful Information

Lost and Found

  • During the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, lost properties will be moved to the Lost and Found Facility in Gangneung or PyeongChang after the game ends.
  • If you have lost your belongings or if you are missing a child, do not panic, ask the nearest staff for help, or look for the spectator information center.
  • Unclaimed items will be moved to the district police stations (PyeongChang, Gangneung, Jeongseon) according to the location of the venue.

Policy on banners and/or flags

Policy on banners and/or flags
  • Spectators are asked not to hang or hoist banners and/or flags as there is no space available inside Gangneung Ice Area.
  • Spectators are also asked to cheer with banners and flags within their designated seating area to ensure that they do not disturb fellow spectators.

Venue Services

  • In case of emergency evacuations, strollers and wheelchairs should be stored separately before entering into the stand.
  • Those who purchase wheelchair seats can enter the stadium in a wheelchair.
  • We are not responsible for lost or damaged personal belongings caused by using wheelchair or stroller.

Location: near the information center

Mobility Service
  • Service available for those who have limited mobility.
  • We do not accept reservations.
  • Depending on the situation of the site, the service schedule may change without prior notice.

Location: Alpensia Olympic Park, Olympic Sliding Centre, Jeongseon Alpine Centre, Phoenix Snow Park, Gangneung Olympic Park, PyeongChang Olympic Plaza