PyeongChang 2018 at a glance

PyeongChang Olympic Plaza

· Various outdoor performances, Super Store, Partner Showcasing Pavilion, traditional culture experience zone and the newest ICT Pavilion are waiting for you.
· Opening & Closing Ceremony 19:00~22:00 (Admissions starts from 16:00 for PyeongChang Olympic Plaza and 16:30 for PyeongChang Olympic Stadium)
   General Operating Hours 10:00~23:00 (Last admission until 22:00)
· The admission fee to the PyeongChang Olympic Plaza is KRW 2,000; admission will be free for everyone from 17:00 pm.
   Those with a ticket for a specific date can enter for free on that day only.

   You cannot re-enter PyeongChang Olympic Plaza once you exit, and you cannot use the PyeongChang Olympic Plaza ticket to enter Gangneung Olympic Park.

· In order to prepare for the Closing Ceremony, PyeongChang Olympic Stadium will not be open to the public from 10 - 24 February 2018.

· Only visitors with Closing Ceremony tickets may enter the PyeongChang Olympic Plaza on 25 February; there will not be separate admission tickets for PyeongChang Olympic Plaza available.

· PyeongChang Olympic Plaza will not be open to public from 26 February to 8 March in preparation for the Paralympic Winter Games.


Here’s the monthly average temperature during the Games period and today’s weather forecast at the Olympic Plaza. Please check the weather forecast and prepare yourself with warming supplies(thick clothes and shoes, blanket, sitting mat, small umbrella etc.).

PyeongChang Olympic Plaza (Altitude 772.57m) (Year 1981-2010)

PyeongChang Olympic Plaza Weather Station
℃(℉) February March
Average Temperature -5.5℃(22.1℉) -0.5℃(31.1℉)
Highest Temperature -0.4℃(32.72℉) 4.4℃(39.92℉)
Lowest Temperature -10.5℃(13.1℉) -5.2℃(22.64℉)

Surrounding Information

Let’s find about what to eat and enjoy around in Hoenggye-ri, PyeongChang-gun in Gangwon-do where PyeongChang Olympic Plaza is situated in.

Olympics Special Call Centre

1330 Korea Travel Hotline

You can now call the Olympics Special Call Centre at ‘1330’ to receive information on the 2018 Winter Games and tourism interpretation services.
You can ask for tourism tips, report complaints on tourism, request for interpretation service as well as detailed information on accommodation reservation, restaurants, transportations, cultural events and others related to the 2018 Winter Games.
We provide Korean·English·Japanese·Chinese language services.

How to Use : Domestic (No area code) 1330 | Overseas +82-2-1330

Emergency Call (Police)

Emergency Call 112

Call 112 immediately if you have witnessed or are the victim of a crime for quick help.

Calmly report contents such as date, location, detail of the crime, as well as appearance, characteristics, possessions, number of offenders, direction of escape and such of offender(s).

How to Use : Domestic (No area code) 112 | Overseas +82-2-112