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Transportation Information for PyeongChang 2018 Winter Games

Let me introduce the Olympic Route Network (ORN). When using the car, please park in the transfer parking area of ​​the area for the comfortable movement between the stadiums. In Pyeongchang area, there are Jindu, Transversal transfer parking lot, Bokwang area in Bokwang area, Bongpyeong transfer parking area, Jeonseon area in transit parking area, and Gangneung area in North Gangneung area, Gangneung station, Seongsan area, Hongje area and Goesan transfer parking area. You can go directly to the Olympic Stadium using the direct or transfer shuttle bus from the transfer parking lot here. Public transportation includes high-speed (local) buses and KTX. When using the express (suburban) bus, shuttle bus is available when getting off at bus terminal. You have to walk to the shuttle bus station in Jangbu area and Jungbu area, and there is a stop in front of bus terminal in Gangneung area. When using KTX, a shuttle bus is available in front of KTX Station (Jindu, Gangneung). You can use the shuttle bus to go to the Olympic Stadium and the transfer parking lot

Opening&Closing Ceremonies/SnowㆍSliding Sports : PyeongChang and Jeongseon Area

☞ Olympic Stadium/Ski Jumping,Nordic Combined,Biathlon,Cross-Country Skiing,Alpine Technical/Speed,Freestyle Skiing, Snowboard,Bobsleigh,Skeleton,Luge
  • Public Transportation : Jinbu Station(KTX), Jangpyeong․Jinbu․Hoenggye Bus terminal → Take Shuttle Bus at Park&ride lot (Jinbu, Daegwallyeong, Bongpyeong, Jeongseon)
  • Driving : Park&ride lot(Jinbu,Daegwallyeong,Bongpyeong,Jeongseon) → Take Shuttle Bus to Venues

Ice Sports : Gangneung(Olympic Park,Gwandong University)

☞ Ice Hockey, Speed Skating, Short Track, Figure Skating, Curling
  • Public Transportation : Gangneung Station(KTX), Gangneung Bus Terminal → Take Shuttle Bus at Park&ride lot (North Gangneung, Gangneung Station, West Gangneung, Kwandong)
  • Driving : Park at Park&ride lot(North Gangneung, Gangneung Station, West Gangneung, Kwandong) → Take Shuttle Bus to Venues

Park & Ride lot

  • For smooth and convenient transfer, shuttle buses are provided for spectators during the Olympic Games.
  • For convenient transfer between venues, please park personal cars in the designated Park & Ride lot and use shuttle buses for spectators.

Spectator Shuttle Buses

The shuttle buses will connect the competitions venues of the Games, public transportation hubs and Park & Ride sites organically, centering around the transport malls in Jinbu, Daegwallyeong, North Gangneung during Games time.
  • The ticket holders for the day’s competitions can use the shuttle buses for free.
  • From the day before the opening ceremony until the day after the closing ceremony, the shuttle buses for spectators will operate every day from 3 hours before the competition starts for the day until 2 hours after the last competition ends.
I will introduce you to the shuttle bus. The shuttle bus is a system for organically linking stadiums, public transportation hubs, transfer parking lots, etc., and is composed in each area centering on Jinbu, Yonggyegyeo, and Kangnung Transportation Mall. Jindu Transportation Mall is composed of Bongpu transfer parking lot, Bokwang transfer parking lot, Bokwang Snowy Stadium, Changpyeong Terminal, Changbyeong Station, Jincheon Bus Terminal, Jindu Station, Jindu Transit Car Park, Transit Car Park, Jincheon Alpine Stadium. Yongpyeong Transportation Mall consists of Alpensia Olympic Park, Olympic Sliding Center, Yongpyeong Alpine Stadium, Yongpyeong Terminal, and Olympic Plaza. Gangneung Transit Mall is composed of North Gangreung Transit Parking Lot, Gangneung Olympic Park, Gangneung Station, Gangneung Terminal, Hwasan Transit Parking Lot, Hongje Transit Parking Lot, Seongsan Transit Parking Lot, and Kanto Hockey Center. Please use the public shuttle bus in each area for your convenience.

Public Transportation

Operations of KTX, the high-speed trains

  • Gangneung Station : to start operation in December 2017
  • Jinbu Station : to start operation in December 2017
  • To purchase tickets, please visit the ticketing site(www.letskorail.com) of KORAIL
    ※ The ticketing information will be provided after the high-speed train operation plan for the Wonju-Gangwon line is confirmed (scheduled for July 2017)

Express Bus and Inter-city Bus Operation

Express Bus and Inter-city Bus Operation
  Destination(Games-related venues) Adjacent Bus Terminal
PyeongChang PyeongChang Olympic Stadium
Alpensia Ski Jumping Centre
Alpensia Biathlon Centre
Alpensia Cross-Country Skiing Centre
Olympic Sliding Centre
Yongpyong Alpine Centre
Hoenggye Inter-city Bus Terminal
Bokwang Snow Park Jangpyeong Inter-city Bus Terminal
Gangneung Gangneung Hockey Centre
Gangneung Oval
Gangneung Ice Arena
Gangneung Curling Centre
Kwandong Hockey Centre
Gangneung Inter-city Bus Terminal
Gangneung Express Bus Terminal
Jeongseon Jeongseon Alpine Centre Jinbu Inter-city Bus Terminal
Jeongseon Inter-city Bus Terminal

Inter-city Bus Information

Expressways (between across the nation and the venues)

Expressways (between across the nation and the venues) table
Seoul Metropolitan Area - Yeongdong Expressway (toward Gangneung)
- Yeongdong Ⅱ Expressway (toward Gangneung)
(Gwangju-Wonju Expressway)
Chungcheong Area Jungbu Expressway(Hobeop JC)/Jungbu Naeryuk Expressway(Yeoju JC) → Yeongdong Expressway (toward Gangneung)
Gyeongsang Area Jungang Expressway(Manjong JC)/Jungbu Naeryuk Expressway(Yeoju JC) → Yeongdong Expressway (toward Gangneung)
Jeolla Area Honam Expressway → Gyeongbu Expressway(Singal JC)/Jungbu Expressway(Hobeop JC) → Yeongdong Expressway (toward Gangneung)
* Yeongdong Expressway (toward Gangneung)
· Myeonon IC → Bokwang Snow Park
· Daegwallyeong IC → Alpensia Olympic Park
· Gangneung IC → Gangneung Olympic Park

National Roads

  • During the PyeongChang 2018 Games, the national roads will be used as bypasses for expressways and the routes that connect the KTX train stations and the venues.
  • National Road No. 6, which connects Dunnae, Mui, Jangpyeong and Ganpyeong, and Regional Road No. 456 will bypass Dunnae Interchange and Daegwallyeong Interchange, which are expected to be congested.
  • National Road No. 59 connects Jinbu Interchange and Jeongseon.
National Roads
No. Route Section Note
1 National Road No. 6 Dunnae - Ganpyeong (45.8km) 2-4 lanes
2 National Road No. 59 Najeon - Jinbu (25.6km) 2 lanes
3 Regional Road No. 456 Woljeong - Hoenggye (9.5km) 4 lanes


  • KTX, the high-speed trains, to open between Incheon International Airport and Gangneung, improving the existing line, will take spectators from the airport to Gangneung in just 2 hours.(In case of non-stop)
  • With major cities across the nation such as Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, Yeosu and Daejeon already connected by KTX, the accessibility to the venues of PyeongChang 2018 is the best ever and there are Jinbu Station and Gangneung Station as major train stations close to the venues.
Incheon International Airport / Seoul / Cheongnyangni / Sangbong / Seowonju / PyeongChang / Bokwang Snow Park / Jinbu / Alpensia Olympic Park / Gangneung / Gangneung Olympic Park, Incheon Airport Railroad / Speedup of conventional railway / Wonju-Gangneung High-speed Railway