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Expressways (between across the nation and the venues)

Expressways (between across the nation and the venues) view detail

Seoul Metropolitan Area, Chungcheong Area, Gyeongsang Area, Jeolla Area view detail

Seoul Metropolitan Area - Yeongdong Expressway (toward Gangneung)
- Yeongdong Ⅱ Expressway (toward Gangneung)
(Gwangju-Wonju Expressway)
Chungcheong Area Jungbu Expressway(Hobeop JC)/Jungbu Naeryuk Expressway(Yeoju JC) → Yeongdong Expressway (toward Gangneung)
Gyeongsang Area Jungang Expressway(Manjong JC)/Jungbu Naeryuk Expressway(Yeoju JC) → Yeongdong Expressway (toward Gangneung)
Jeolla Area Honam Expressway → Gyeongbu Expressway(Singal JC)/Jungbu Expressway(Hobeop JC) → Yeongdong Expressway (toward Gangneung)
* Yeongdong Expressway (toward Gangneung)
· Myeonon IC → Phoenix Snow Park
· Daegwallyeong IC → Alpensia Olympic Park
· Gangneung IC → Gangneung Olympic Park
Expressways (between across the nation and the venues)

National Roads

  • During the PyeongChang 2018 Games, the national roads will be used as bypasses for expressways and the routes that connect the KTX train stations and the venues.
  • National Road No. 6, which connects Dunnae, Mui, Jangpyeong and Ganpyeong, and Regional Road No. 456 will bypass Dunnae Interchange and Daegwallyeong Interchange, which are expected to be congested.
  • National Road No. 59 connects Jinbu Interchange and Jeongseon.
National Roads view detail

No1, No2, No3, Route, Section, Note view detail

No. Route Section Note
1 National Road No. 6 Dunnae - Ganpyeong (45.8km) 2-4 lanes
2 National Road No. 59 Najeon - Jinbu (25.6km) 2 lanes
3 Regional Road No. 456 Woljeong - Hoenggye (9.5km) 4 lanes
National Roads


  • KTX, the high-speed trains, to open between Incheon International Airport and Gangneung, improving the existing line, will take spectators from the airport to Gangneung in just 2 hours.(In case of non-stop)
  • With major cities across the nation such as Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, Yeosu and Daejeon already connected by KTX, the accessibility to the venues of PyeongChang 2018 is the best ever and there are Jinbu Station and Gangneung Station as major train stations close to the venues.
Incheon International Airport / Seoul / Cheongnyangni / Sangbong / Seowonju / PyeongChang / Phoenix Snow Park / Jinbu / Alpensia Olympic Park / Gangneung / Gangneung Olympic Park, Incheon Airport Railroad / Speedup of conventional railway / Wonju-Gangneung High-speed Railway
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