Relay for Everyone

For 13 days of the 101-day journey, the ‘Relay for Everyone’ programme visits people with heart-felt stories that will inspire others. It aims to promote values of ‘compassion and respect’, and to ignite the flame of ‘hope and determination’.

Under the Olympic Torch Relay slogan, ‘Let Everyone Shine’, the programme strives to showcase what it means to participate in the Olympic Games.

  • Under the slogan, ‘Let Everyone Shine’, the torch travels all over the country in search for people who must be embraced into society and not be disregarded.
  • "Uiryeong Love House"

    Flames of hope that spread through the sound of music

  • "Child Welfare Center"

    Making a wish with one mind

  • ‘Sunchang Senior Social Services Center’

    Celebrating the PyeongChang Winter Olympics with Yunnori

  • ‘Gyeokpo 119 Safety Center’

    The PyeongChang Winter Olympics aim

  • ‘Korea Disabled Veterans Organization’

    The War Veterans who Made our Republic of Korea of Today

  • Okcheon Multicultural Family Support Center

    The PyeongChang Winter Olympics, Supporting Cultural Diversity

  • ‘One More Child Federation’ in Sangju

    Home to the Wishes of Children, Our Future

  • Rural Healthy Town in Yecheon-gun

    A place filled with tranquility as much as its long history

  • Dongbang Vocational Rehabilitation Center

    Different, not wrong