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  • Capacity
    2 Floor Aboveground + 2 Levels Underground
  • Field of play
    400m Double Track
  • Spectator Seating
    8,000 Seats


  • Speed Skating
    Men 7 Events : 500m / 1,000m / 1,500m / 5,000m / 10,000m / Team Pursuit / Mass Start
    Ladies 7 Events : 500m / 1,000m / 1,500m / 3,000m / 5,000m / Team Pursuit / Mass Start
Address : 100, Surigol-gil, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea


  • The admissions to the Gangneung Oval is two hours prior to the game.
  • There may be a waiting line at the ticket stand at the front of the venue after security screening, so please check the event schedule and arrive early.
  • Please be careful as the floor may be slippery when it is snowing or if the snow is melting.
  • Please refrain from using camera flash lights during the event.
  • There will be no storage available, so please be careful not to lose your belongings.
  • There will not be any space for banner or flag. Unapproved display of a flag may result in forced removal of the flag.
  • Please keep your cheering banner and/or flag at your seat only; it may be a hindrance to other spectators near you.
  • In case of emergency, please follow the guide of the operating staff for safe exit.


  • Car
    When traveling by car, search ‘North Gangneung Parking Lot’ on your navigation system.
    Park at North Gangneung Parking Lot and walk to the shuttle bus stop.
    Take the spectator shuttle bus TS 20 to Gangneung Olympic Park (Gangneung Oval).
  • Bus
    When using express (inter-city) buses, get off at ‘Gangneung Bus Terminal’.
    Take the spectator shuttle bus TS 24 from the bus stop to Gangneung Olympic Park (Gangneung Oval).
  • KTX
    When using the KTX, get off at 'Gangneung Station (KTX)'.
    For people with vulnerability, take the spectator shuttle bus TS 22 from Gangneung Station, for other general spectators, please walk to Gangneung Olympic Park (Gangneung Oval).
Only Spectator shuttle buses are accessible to approach venues during Games time.