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  • Spectator Seating
    6,500(3,600 Seats / 2,900 Standing)


  • Alpine Skiing
    Men 3 Events : Downhill / Super-G / Alpine Combined
    Women 3 Events : Downhill / Super-G / Alpine Combined

Size of Facilities

Size of Facilities list

It is a table that guides for Competition, Start Altitude, Finish Altitude, Vertical Drop, Course Length

Competition Start Altitude Finish Altitude Vertical Drop Course Length
Downhill M 1,370m 545m 825m 2,857m
W 1,275m 545m 730m 2,710m
Super-G M 1,195m 545m 650m 2,050m
W 1,130m 545m 585m 1,910m
Alpine Combined(Slalom) M 745m 540m 205m 521m
W 725m 540m 185m 515m
Address : 41-35, Jungbong-gil, Bukpyeong-myeon, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea



  • The admissions to the Jeongseon Alpine Centre is two hours prior to the game.
  • It will take about 20-30 minutes to walk from the venue entrance to the seating bowl. Please check the game schedule and arrive to the venue early.
  • Please use the “Ari-gil”, the pedestrian walkway, when moving to the seating bowl. The waiting time for the lift may take a long time. (* Expected waiting time: 80 minutes max-imum)
  • Please be sure to check both sides of the pedestrian crossing before crossing the road.
  • Spectator lift will not operate during emergency escape. Please evacuate using the pedestrian walkway.
  • Please keep in mind that you cannot re-enter Jeongseon Alpine Centre once you have exited.
  • Please check the weather and prepare body warmer supplies. (Thick outer garment, boots, blanket, sitting mat, umbrella etc.)
  • Some sections may be restricted for prompt and safe exit; we ask for your understanding and cooperation.


  • Car
    When traveling by car, search ‘Jeongseon Parking Lot/Arari Park’ on your navigation system.
    Park at either Jeongseon Parking Lot or Arari Park and walk to the shuttle bus stop.
    From Jeongseon Parking Lot, take the spectator shuttle bus TS 13 and from Jeongseon Arari Park, take the spectator shuttle bus TS 14 to Jeongseon Alpine Centre.
  • Bus
    When using express (inter-city) buses, get off at ‘Jinbu Bus Terminal’.
    Walk 50m to the front of the Terminal intersection, board the spectator shuttle bus TS 2 and get off at Jinbu Parking Lot. Then take the spectator shuttle bus TS 1 to Jeongseon Alpine Centre.
  • KTX
    When using the KTX, get off at 'Jinbu Station(KTX)'.
    Take the spectator shuttle bus TS 1 from Jinbu Station to Jeongseon Alpine Centre.
Only Spectator shuttle buses are accessible to approach venues during Games time.