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  • Spectator Seating
    7,000(1,000 Seats / 6,000 Standing)


  • Luge
    Men 1 Events : Singles
    Women 1 Events : Singles
    Men Team 1 Events : Doubles
    Etc Team 1 Events : Team Relay
  • Bobsleigh
    Men 2 Events : 2-man / 4-man
    Women 1 Events : Women's
  • Skeleton
    Men 1 Events : Men's
    Women 1 Events : Women's

Size of Facilities

Size of Facilities list

It is a table that guides for Events, Course Length, Altitude Difference, Average Slope

Events Course Length Altitude Difference Average Slope
Bobsleigh / Skeleton 1,376.38m 116.32m 9.48%
Luge Men 1,344.08m 117.12m 9.69%
Luge Women/Double 1,201.82m 95.62m 8.97%
Address : 470, Solbong-ro, Daegwallyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea


  • It will take about 20-30 minutes to walk from the venue entrance to the seating bowl. Please check the game schedule and arrive to the venue early.
  • You cannot bring prohibited items into the venue. (No storage available.)
  • In case of emergency, please follow the guide of the operating staff for safe exit.
  • Please be sure to check both sides of the pedestrian crossing before crossing the road.
  • Please walk on the right side inside the venue.
  • You can visit Information Point inside the venue or check via web or phone calls for any lost item.
  • Please check the weather and prepare body warmer supplies.
    (Thick outer garment, boots, blanket, sitting mat, umbrella etc.)
  • Please refrain from making loud noises when athletes are on the starting line. Some of the items that may be a hindrance include vuvuzelas, gongs and others.


  • Car
    When traveling by car, search ‘Daegwallyeong Parking Lot’ on your navigation system.
    Park at Daegwallyeong Parking Lot and walk to the shuttle bus stop.
    Take spectator shuttle bus TS 11 to Olympic Sliding Centre.
  • Bus
    When using express (inter-city) buses, get off at ‘Hoenggye Bus Terminal’.
    Walk 580m to the PyeongChang Olympic Plaza 2 (near GATE 3) bus stop.
    Take the spectator shuttle bus TS 7 from the PyeongChang Olympic Plaza 2 (near GATE 3) bus stop to get to Olympic Sliding Centre.
  • KTX
    When using the KTX, get off at 'Jinbu Station (KTX)'.
    Take the spectator shuttle bus TS 3 from Jinbu Station to Olympic Sliding Centre.
Only Spectator shuttle buses are accessible to approach venues during Games time.