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  • Spectator Seating
    35,000(7 Floor Aboveground / 1 Level Underground)
Address : 200, Olympic-ro, Daegwallyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea


  • It’s going to be really cold, so don’t forget to bring body warmer supplies!
  • Please keep in mind that you cannot enter the entire Plaza area on the day of Opening and Closing ceremonies if you do not have your ticket.
  • Security screening may take some time so please arrive early to enter the PyeongChang Olympic Plaza.
  • Some sections may be restricted for prompt and safe exit; we ask for your understanding and cooperation.


  • Car
    When traveling by car, search ‘Jinbu Parking Lot’or‘Daegwallyeong Parking Lot’ on your navigation system.
    Park at either Jinbu Parking Lot or Daegwallyeong Parking Lot and walk to the shuttle bus stop.
    Take the spectator shuttle bus TS 9 or TS 30 to PyeongChang Olympic Plaza 1 (near GATE 6).
  • Bus
    When using express (inter-city) buses, get off at ‘Hoenggye Bus Terminal’.
    From Hoenggye Bus Terminal: Walk 270m to PyeongChang Olympic Plaza.
  • KTX
    When using the KTX, get off at 'Jinbu Station (KTX)'.
    Take the spectator shuttle bus TS 30 from Jinbu Station to the PyeongChang Olympic Plaza 1 (near GATE 6).
Only Spectator shuttle buses are accessible to approach venues during Games time.