Sponsors officiels des Jeux Olympiques d'hiver de PyeongChang 2018


CJ is the global lifestyle company loved by people around the world. With advanced technologies, unique cultural contents, and business models merging culture with commerce, CJ is creating entirely new lifestyle possibilities,

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    A GLOBAL FOOD COMPANY LEADING THE K-FOOD CRAZE CJ CheilJedang has been leading Korea’s food industry for 60 years since its foundation as a sugar manufacturer in 1953. It spreads the excellence of Korean flavors to every corner of the world with K-Food, a cuisine that satisfies local tastes with a touch of Korean flavor. CJ CheilJedang supports healthy lifestyles by offering a variety of premium products that are created with the newest technologies.

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    TOP CONTENTS COMPANY OPENING NEW HORIZONS IN GLOBAL POP CULTURE CJ E&M (Entertainment & Media) leads the globalization of Asia’s pop culture through various platform services and media contents, including films, music, performances, animations, conventions, and MCN contents. As a leader in the entertainment & media industry, CJ E&M sets the pace for K-culture globalization by creating competitive contents that meet the needs of the ever-changing media market