Athlete Profile - Collin CAMERON

Birth Date:  31 Mar 1988
Age:  29
Gender:   Male


Collin CAMERON - Schedule

Start Time Event Status
Sun, 11 Mar 10:00
Men's 15km, Sitting
Wed, 14 Mar 10:00
Men's 1.1km Sprint, Sitting Qualification
Wed, 14 Mar 12:05
Men's 1.1km Sprint, Sitting Semifinal 2
Wed, 14 Mar 13:06
Men's 1.1km Sprint, Sitting Final
Sun, 18 Mar 11:00
4x2.5km Open Relay

Biographical Information

World Championships
41km Sprint, Sitting2017Finsterau, GER
715km, Sitting2017Finsterau, GER42:12.1
DNS10km, Sitting2017Finsterau, GERDNS

World Championships
512.5km, Sitting2017Finsterau, GER40:02.0
127.5km, Sitting2017Finsterau, GER25:13.1
Hobbies Ice sledge hockey, listening to music, playing video games, reading. (, 2016)
Occupation Athlete
Family Wife Marley
Languages spoken English
Club name Laurentian Nordic Ski Club [Sudbury, ON, CAN]
Coach Patti Kitler [club]; Robin McKeever [national], CAN (, 20 Jun 2017;, 09 Dec 2016)
Other sports He has played ice sledge hockey for the Northern Sliders in Sudbury, ON, Canada. (, 09 Feb 2016)
Debut 2016 for Canada, North-American Championships in Craftsbury, VT, United States of America (, 09 Feb 2016)
Start He first tried Para Nordic skiing in November 2015 at an identification camp in Canmore, AB, Canada. He began competing in January 2016. (, 09 Feb 2016)
Reason "I was sending a message to the Sudbury Accessible Sports page on Facebook. They had a picture of a [ice sledge hockey] team from Ohio, but not our team. I ended up 'liking' the page, and my news feed was getting flooded with information regarding para-Nordic skiing from [coach] Patti Kitler. I kept seeing all these pictures of sit-skis, and I thought that it looked like a lot of fun. It just seemed like such a natural fit, going from ice sledge hockey to something like that." (, 09 Feb 2016)
Memorable Achievement Winning gold at the 2017 World Cup event in Pyeongchang, Republic of Korea. (, 13 Mar 2017)
Awards In 2017 he was named the Elite Athlete of the Year in Sudbury, ON, Canada. (, 20 Jun 2017)
Additional information Classification
LW11.5 (IPC, 18 Feb 2018)

Type of Impairment
Impaired muscle power, Leg length difference (, 09 Feb 2016)

Origin of Impairment
Congenital (, 09 Feb 2016)

Impairment Details
He was born with arthrogryposis, a condition that causes a shortening of the lower limbs, and an under-development of muscles and tendons in the legs. (, 09 Feb 2016)

He works as a safety compliance and driver trainer for an employment agency in Lively, ON, Canada. (Facebook profile, 19 Oct 2017)

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